Comcation's Mission Control


Comcation uses a client/server computing model that helps keep rates low while providing quick, responsive, and reliable service. Comcation operates high-speed server clusters that provide file system, news, mail, WWW, ecommerce and database services to the rest of the local network and the general Internet.

Dial-in user sessions are distributed evenly among client machines that act as system access points. Each of the access points is identically configured and offers the full range of local and Internet services. Our publicly accessible network machines run the latest versions of UNIX distributed by Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Comcation's network is multihomed and privately direct-connected (single hop) to two of the world's largest Internet backbones via multiple T-1 and T-3 fiber optic lines.


Connecting to Comcation through a modem

Our ever-expanding Regional POP's (Point-of-Presence dial-in locations) currently provide approximately 700 public, high-speed connections that support 33.6Kbps/K56Flex modem service and 64/128Kbps kbps ISDN digital service. Comcation users can choose to use free preconfigured PPP software provided by Comcation and/or their own communications software.


SALES AND SUPPORT: (215) 489-8875; FAX: (215) 489-8867;


By subscribing to Comcation's Internet Services you acknowledge that you have read, agree, and abide by the terms and conditions of Comcation's Internet Access Agreement. You also certify that you are 18 years of age or older.
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