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IWJG and Online Watch Pricelist Membership

1. What level of membership do you want to purchase now?:

IWJG Full Membership:  $300/year  (more information and discounts)
IWJG Associate Membership:  $150/year  (more information and discounts)
Online Price List Access:  $70/year  (more information and discounts)

Note: If you upgrade an existing membership to a higher level, you will receive a discount.

Note: The IWJG fiscal year begins on April 1st and ends on March 31st. It is NOT a calendar year.

IWJG Member account balances are for show expenses only. We give you a bonus on top of your payment and those balances cannot be used for Hotels, Merchandise, Dues, Shipping, etc.

2. If you're already a member, please tell us your username for the Online Watch Pricelist, in case you are eligible for any discounts. Type your username only, not your password, and remember that capitalization matters.

Username: (leave blank for new memberships)