New Eastern PA Area Codes
The 717/570 Area Code Change

On December 5, 1998 customers in the northeastern part of Pennsylvania will have their area code changed from 717 to 570. The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) mandated a "geographical split" across the middle of the existing 717 area code.

Dialing Instructions:

Customers calling within either 717 or 570 area codes will continue to dial seven digits for local and toll calls. When placing calls between 717 and 570 or to other area codes in Pennsylvania or across the country, customers must dial "1" + area code + 7 digit telephone number.

The 610/484 and 215/267 Area Code Overlays

Also, on December 5, 1998 new telephone lines in the 610 area code will receive the new 484 area code and new lines in the 215 area code will receive the new 267 area code. Existing telephone numbers in the 610 and 215 area codes will NOT change.

Dialing Instructions:

The overlays will require customers residing in the 610/484 and the 215/267 area codes to dial ten digits (area code + seven digit telephone number) for all calls within and between the 610, 484, 215, or 267 area codes.

When the area code split and overlays go into effect December 5, 1998, you will be able to make calls without dialing the new area code until April 8, 1999. This is known as the permissive period. Permissive dialing is in place to allow you to get used to the changes. You are strongly advised to begin using the new area code as soon as it becomes effective. When the permissive dialing period ends, you must use the correct area code.

Click here for information on how to change your area code

Comcation adds a new dial in number for Doylestown
Comcation has added a new digital dial-in location supporting ISDN, V.90, 33.6 connections for the Doylestown area.   For an updated list of dial-in locations, click here.
Comcation adds a full service Internet Design team
In its desire to be a turnkey solution to Internet communication, Comcation announces a full service Internet design team, consisting of award winning designers, and programmers. Find out more...
Comcation adds V.90 Support
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Comcation rolls out new eCommerce Hosting Services
New services include user-friendly web-based store management, database integration, credit card authorization service, SSL capabilities, and new entry-level priced plans. Perfect for businesses that want to get started with eCommerce today!
Comcation will help you harness the power of the Internet
Comcation offers a wide range of services designed specifically to help small and medium sized businesses utilize the power of the Internet to get an edge on competition, expand market coverage, and improve customer service. The costs are remarkably low and assistance from our friendly support team is a phone call away.

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