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Volume 3, Number 02
February 19, 2001

Attention Travelers

Did you know that Comcation offers Global Internet Roaming in more than 150 countries and throughout the US, with local-call access in more than 1,000 locations. Instead of having to pay for long-distance to call back to Pennsylvania, Comcation customers can access the Internet locally in virtually every major city throughout the world. Comcation customers will have access to their personal or business e-mail account(s) and the Internet.

The roaming service is made available through a partnership with iPass, the largest global settlement network for worldwide Internet roaming. The iPass network enables Comcation customers to access the Internet around the US and the world for a small hourly charge (only $2.00/hour in most US cities).

For more information please click on the "Services" tab.

Reading Email When Traveling

Did you know that you can access your email at Comcation when away from home using a browser. Comcation offers a Web interface to email called Mailman. To access your email using a web browser go to

What is DSL?

Did you know that Comcation offers DSL Internet access service? DSL (digital subscriber line) is a proven technology that takes advantage of standard copper telephone lines to provide secure, reliable, high- speed Internet access. DSL technology offers dramatic speed improvements to other network access methods. And unlike traditional dial-up connections, such as analog modems and ISDN, DSL delivers continuous "always on" access. That means multimedia-rich websites, email, and other online applications are immediately available to you, anytime. DSL makes it possible for you to remain online even while you're talking on the telephone - without jeopardizing the quality of either connection.

DSL is available in a spectrum of speeds. Some are best for home use, while others are designed to accommodate rigorous business demands. Whether for business or the home, DSL offers unsurpassed value compared to other online access options. Comcation provides DSL service across a large regional area extending from North Carolina to Boston and from the Atlantic coast to Ohio.

To learn more about DSL, please click on the "DSL banner" at or call us at 215- 489-8875.

Attention Usenet News Enthusiasts

Comcation offers a news service featuring more than 30, 000 Usenet news groups. To access the news service simply change the "News (NNTP) Server" setting in your browser or news reader to "".

Your Company Website

Did you know that 40% of Comcation's business is Web design and programming for small, medium and large businesses. Comcation has an in-house New Media Production Department consisting of programmers, artists and interactive media professionals and a Computing Center with broad programming capability. In 1999, Comcation developed its own suite of Enterprise Modules that extend the capabilities of eCommerce and Comcation has successfully deployed hundreds of customized solutions for businesses nationwide. This year Comcation has gone on to further its eBusiness offerings by becoming a Siebel Consulting Partner. Siebel Systems is the world's leading provider of eBusiness application software.

Comcation offers clients complete solutions, covering broad areas from eBusiness to eCommerce including web site design, hosting, business strategy planning, staff training, Internet marketing, Web application development, and business Internet connectivity. Areas of highest recent growth are Internet application development, B2B eCommerce, enterprise eBusiness implementation, and Web enabled product selectors. Our niche specialization is providing innovative solutions that increase revenue, productivity and customer satisfaction.

For information on Web design and programming, please visit Comcation's corporate website at and call us at 215-489-8875.

Tip - Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing the rank of your Website in the search engines is a process that involves analyzing how people will search for your site, and then translating that information into a format that is search engine friendly. The first step in ranking higher on search engines is to create three or four, two to three word search phrases. For example an advertising agency, AAA Advertising, might decide that people will search for them using the phrases advertising agency, advertising and marketing, direct mail, and AAA Advertising. These key word phrases can be incorporated into the content of the site, titles, and Meta tags.

The next step is creating a useful, readable description of your site, incorporating your key word phrases in it, that is less than 225 characters. This description is what most search engines display when your site is included the search results. AAA Advertising would want to use a description like this: AAA Advertising specializes in direct mail, advertising and marketing for Fortune 500 clients. The description should be descriptive and avoid using words like "the best."

Thinking like a search engine will allow you to maximize the relevancy of the key word phrases that you have chosen. Most search engines try to read pages intelligently, and rate them for relevancy based on the position, size and frequency of the key word phrases. Most search engines will rate a site higher if the keyword phrase is incorporated in the domain name, Search engines rank words at the top of the page to be more relevant than words at the bottom of the page. Also words on the home page are ranked higher than keywords found deeper within the site. Key word phrases that are larger, bold or are contained in hyperlinks are also ranked higher than if they were displayed in the normal font. The final way search engines rank sites is by the frequency that the key word phrases are used. However, they also penalize if the words are used too frequently. With these guidelines in mind, you should be able to raise your search engine relevancy and drive more traffic to your site.

For more information, please feel free to call and talk to one of our Web designers at 215-489-8875.

Internet Access Numbers Update

For a complete list of Comcation's latest dial-in numbers please click on the "About Comcation" tab.


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