Business Access

Comcation offers a broad spectrum of business connectivity solutions, ranging from on-demand to high speed leased line services. These solutions increase the efficiency of your business operations by eliminating time spent getting on-line while enabling a more autonomous operation using your own servers locally. In addtion, as your business grows, you may find it increasingly benefical for others on the Internet to be able to access information and services on your LAN.

Comcation will assist your organization by providing a turnkey solution. A dedicated installation manager will be assigned to you to provide configuration, hardware ordering, as well as all other services that will make your connection startup experience a positive one.



DSL (digital subscriber line) is a proven technology that takes advantage of standard copper telephone lines to provide secure, reliable, high-speed Internet access. DSL technology offers dramatic speed improvements to other network access methods. And unlike traditional dial-up connections, such as analog modems and ISDN, DSL delivers continuous "always on" access. That means multimedia-rich websites, email, and other online applications are immediately available to you, anytime. DSL makes it possible for you to remain online even while you're talking on the telephone - without jeopardizing the quality of either connection.

DSL is available in a spectrum of speeds. Some are best for home use, while others are designed to accommodate rigorous business demands. Whether for business or the home, DSL offers unsurpassed value compared to other online access options.

Comcation provides DSL service across a large regional area extending from North Carolina to Boston and from the Atlantic coast to Ohio.

LAN-on-Demand provides "on-demand" Internet solutions for small companies and branch offices that need full Internet access for their LANs but are not yet ready for a full-time dedicated connection. The service can provide your office or workgroup with a simple, "quick start", effective "on-demand" connection to the Internet. And the cost is surprisingly modest because ordinary telephone lines or standard ISDN lines are used. LAN-on-Demand offers modem connections at 14.4k and 28.8k, and ISDN connections at 64k and 128k.
Centrex ISDN
Comcation's Centrex ISDN service has been designed to connect small and medium networks to the Internet at speeds of either 64K or 128Kbps. Through this service your company can enjoy the performance of ISDN without the telco usage fees typically associated with ISDN service. Centrex ISDN allows your organization to sustain a 24 hour per day, 7 day a week connection at a flat monthly circuit fee.
Frame Relay
Frame Relay service is a superior solution for organizations that require dedicated, full time Internet access with maximum usefulness and efficiency. Comcation allows you to increase your connection speed at incremental levels as your usage grows. Your control over bandwidth limits provides a savings resulting from low point of entry. Speeds available are:
  • 56K   (32K CIR)
  • 128K (64K CIR)
  • 256K (128K CIR)
  • 384K (192K CIR)
  • 512K (256K CIR)
  • 768K (384K CIR)
  • 1.54M (768K CIR)

T-1 and Fractional T-1

If your organization requires a substantial level of data transfer to the Internet, Comcation's T-1 and Fractional T-1 service is an excellent match. Speeds available are:
  • 256Kbps
  • 384Kbps
  • 512Kbps
  • 768Kbps
  • Full T-1 (1.54Mbps)

For business access and network connectivity pricing, please call 215-489-8875 or email

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