Credit Card Transaction Rates

TX Credit Card Transaction Processing

Comcation's premiere TX Credit Card Transaction Processing combines the ease of use of Shopsite with the robust commerce features of Open Market Transact--the commerce solution behind many of the Internet's most successful commerce sites.

Added Features Include:

  • Advanced order management
  • Sophisticated shipping options (UPS zones, etc.)
  • Integrated Taxware support
  • Buyer Registration
  • Employee management
  • Buyer notification of order status
  • Smart Receipts
  • Customer self-service order status including shipping tracking
  • Fraud Detection
  • Support for credit cards, procurement cards, smart cards, debit cards, SET, loyalty currencies, real-time authorization, and automatic settlement
  • Support for partial shipments, back orders, and credits
  • Smart Statement download for off-line store analysis
  • Merchant order notification by e-mail, fax, or secure web page
  • Unlimited transactions per month

TX Credit Card Processing is available for only

$65.00 a month*

* TX Credit Card Processing is subject to a one time setup fee of $199.00  There is a $0.25 fee/transaction. Merchants need to have an Internet approved merchant account from an Acquiring Financial Institution (merchant bank) affiliated with First Data Corporation and the Nashville Platform (ENVOY) for processing.

For Merchant's looking for a lower cost solution for automatic credit card transaction processing, we offer PaymentNet credit card processing.  

Payment Net Automatic Credt Card Transactions

Only $0.15 / Transaction**
($25 / month minimum)

* Payment Net Online Credit Card Processing is subject to a one time setup fee of $199.00

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