Email Services

Do you have an office of employees who all need email, but do not necessarily need Internet access? Do you want to use multiple, filtered email addresses. Would you like your spouse and/or kids to have their own email. Comcation offers enhanced Internet email services to meet most any requirements.

POP Mail Account
Additional POP mailboxes can be added to any dial-in or web account. POP mailboxes are ideal for companies that want email for multiple employees without having to run a local email server. They are also great for families too. Each mailbox has its own username and password, so only you can check your own private email. The cost for an additional mailbox is $5/month ($10 setup).
UUCP Mail Gateway
UUCP access is a dial-up gateway for linking your existing company LAN mail system to the Internet. It is a low cost soluton to provide your employees with Internet email on their desktops without separate Internet connections. UUCP is useful if you already send and receive mail internally among employees and want to gain the benefits of Internet email for your organization without having to pay the costs of a dedicated connection. UUCP operates as a store-and-forward network which allows your mail server to connect to Comcation's UUCP server at specific intervals to exchange outgoing and incoming email. Most network operating systems (Netware, Windows NT, UNIX and even DOS) have UUCP support either built-in or via add-ons. The cost for a UUCP gateway is $25/month ($50 setup).
SMTP Mail Gateway
A SMTP mail gateway is a dialup gateway which is used to connect a company email system to the Internet. It uses the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) to transfer incoming and outgoing email and it works similarly to UUCP. If your mail system does not support UUCP then SMTP can be used. The cost for an SMTP gateway is $45/month ($50 setup).

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