Please download your copy of the iPass Dial Wizard for Windows 95, 98 and NT below. For the iPass Dial Wizard for Macintosh please click here.

The iPass Dial Wizard for Windows 95, 98 and NT
The iPass Dial Wizard contains an international phone book with every iPass access point and login information. It has a point-and click interface and acts as an "assistant" that creates new Windows 95 dial-up connection scripts for you. It does this based on the specific cities for which you want to have a dial-up iPass connection.

The iPass Dial Wizard is for Windows 95, 98 and NT users. Users must have Dial-Up Networking installed in the My Computer folder.

How to Install the iPass Dial Wizard

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Brief Instructions
Download the iPass Dial Wizard software. Run the program, following the instructions given by the software, and the iPass Dial Wizard will automatically appear on your desktop.

Detailed Instructions

  1. Click on the web site link to download the iPass Dial Wizard. Select the default directory and file name or rename it and click Save.
  2. Click on Start - Programs - Windows Explorer. Under Windows Explorer, locate your directory and the file and "run" the file by double clicking on the file name. To continue the installation process click Yes.
  3. Read the terms of the software license agreement and click Yes to accept the terms of the agreement.
  4. Review the Release Notes screen – take note of any release notes that might pertain to you and click Next.
  5. Determine where you want the iPass Dial Wizard to install or select the default and click Next.
  6. Select a Program Folder for the program (we recommend the default), click Next.
  7. Click "Yes to launch program file" to immediately create your first dial-up connection. Follow the instructions for setting up a new connection. If you do not wish to set up a dial-up connection at this time, click Finish.
  8. Returning to your desktop, you will see a new icon on your screen called: iPass -- Shortcut to iPass Dial Wizard.

How to Use the iPass Dial Wizard

Brief Instructions
Click on the iPass Dial Wizard icon on your desktop. Follow the simple instructions to set up a dial-up connection for as many locations as you wish. Each new setup takes about 10 seconds.

Detailed Instructions

  1. Locate the iPass Dial Wizard icon on your desktop and double click on it.
  2. Highlight the country selection you are dialing to and click Next.
  3. Highlight the region/state selection you are dialing to and click Next.

  4. Highlight the city selection you are dialing to and click Next.
  5. Enter in your user name, domain name, country and area code from which you are dialing and click Next. An example of a user name and domain is where the user name is Teresa and the domain is Example.Net. (The domain name is typically the name of your ISP or company and is usually the part of your e-mail address after the @ sign.)
  6. Enter the connection name to be used in the Dial-Up Networking folder you are creating. Select a modem to be used for this connection or keep the default if you have only one modem. Click Next.
  7. Review the information you entered or selected. If there are mistakes, click Back to correct them. If all the information is correct, click Finish.

Locate this new connection file within your Dial-Up Networking folder. You can access it from your Dial-Up Networking folder or you can drag this to your desktop. (If you drag it to your desktop, click Yes when asked if you want to create a shortcut to your desktop).

Reinstalling the iPass Dial Wizard

If the iPass Dial Wizard is installed on your computer and you wish to reinstall a newer version, it is recommended you first delete the old files and icons before performing the new installation.

How to Remove the iPass Dial Wizard from Your Computer

  1. Click Start - Settings - Control Panel. Double Click on Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel folder.
  2. From the Add/Remove dialog, scroll down to iPass Dial Wizard and double click on the selection.
  3. A confirmation will appear, select Yes to confirm the removal. Click Okay on the progress dialog when it completes.

Before You Roam

Please find below three points that you should check before you travel.

  1. Test the Dial Wizard before roaming
    Follow the instructions for installing the iPass Dial Wizard and test its operability before you begin traveling. We also recommend you set up alternative access numbers before you begin roaming (this is a precautionary measure as some access points can occasionally be unavailable).
  2. Different modems functioning worldwide
    Many countries have different telecommunications laws and practices. Check with your modem supplier to ensure your modem will be compatible with the phone systems in the country where you are traveling. Many of the older modems are not compatible from country to country. Make sure you have all compatible electrical power adapters needed for the country where you are roaming. For some comprehensive information about international phone systems, please see: .
  3. Updating your Dial Wizard
    Before you begin roaming, consult with your home Internet service provider to make sure you have the most recent release of the iPass Dial Wizard. This will ensure you have the current access numbers before you roam. iPass adds new phone numbers regularly.

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