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Shopsite Pro TX

Product Key Features:

Unlimited Products
Built in Search Engine
Large Database Handling tools
Discount Calculation
Product Upsell
Global Database Editing
And all of the features found in Shopsite Manager TX

TX Key Features:
Advanced order management
Sophisticated shipping options (UPS zones, etc.)
Integrated Taxware support
Buyer Registration
Employee management
Buyer notification of order status
Smart Receipts
Customer self-service order status including shipping tracking
Fraud Detection
Support for credit cards, procurement cards, debit cards, SET, loyalty currencies, real-time authorization, and automatic settlement
Support for partial shipments, back orders, and credits
Smart Statement download for off-line store analysis
Merchant order notification by e-mail, fax, or secure web page
Unlimited transactions per month

Web Hosting Account Features:

100MB of Web Storage Space
400MB/Day of Web Traffic Allowance (approx.. 40,000 hits)
Your Own Domain Name
9 Mailboxes for POP e-mail
Unlimited Incoming E-mail Aliases
Full CGI Scripting Capability
Secure Transaction Server
SSL Encryption

Web Account Pricing:

Shopsite Pro TX Special $1995.00
(Shopsite Pro TX Special is available for a limited time only, Order your store today.)

This special pricing includes:
Shopsite Pro TX Setup and Site Licence
Transact Server Setup and Configuration
Domain Name Modification/Registration
(does not include the Internic Fee of $35/year)
3 Months of Web Hosting

Monthly Fees:
Monthly Web Hosting Fee (Payable Quarterly) $99.00
Monthly Transact Processing Fee $65.00 + $0.25 / order
Optional Monthly Dial-In Internet Access $15.00


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E-MAIL: hosts@comcation.net

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