About Case Sensativity
A note About Case Sensitivity
Each computer and network on the global Internet operates in its own environment. You will see many different kinds of operating systems and commands used.


In many cases, the systems are running the UNIX operating system. Comcation's network is running UNIX. UNIX began in a time of very slow computer terminals for use by people who were not good typists. Consequently the command interface was designed for maximum information conveyed in very few keystrokes. This led to the single letter, case sensitive command structure that makes it difficult to learn UNIX quickly. UNIX systems also are case sensitive in the Login ID or Username and the Password. The Username must be lower case in most UNIX environments. Passwords and file names, on the other hand, can be both upper and lower case letters. To retrieve a file correctly, if you are typing in the file name rather than clicking on the name in a list of files, you must enter its name exactly.

Other Systems

Non-UNIX systems have their features too. IBM VM systems, for example, cannot have file names longer than 8 characters per name segment. These systems, however, treat upper and lower case commands equally.

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