About Email
About Email
Electronic mail is the most commonly used service on the Internet. It allows the user to send a message to another computer without requiring that the receiving person be "at home" or logged into the destination computer system at the time the destination system actually receives the email. Thus, email is more like "talking" to an answering machine or a voice mail system than it is like a telephone conversation. It is called email because it is similar to the mail that the postal service delivers. You put it into an envelope and address it, and the network delivers your email. You may not necessarily know when the email is read. However, if you address your message incorrectly, you do get it back in your mailbox. Your message is also returned if the network is unable to deliver your email. (This is called bounced mail because it bounces back to you.)

There are many different electronic mail systems that use the Internet as a delivery service. Some electronic mail enters or leaves the Internet from the commercial information providers like CompuServe and MCIMail. Most email enters or leaves the network from an email system on a connected network node. These email systems are supported by a local computing system administration and are chosen based on criteria important to the local service area or business. Any email system that allows internet addressing may traverse the Internet if the networks are configured correctly.

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