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What is my Domain Name Server (DNS)?



What is my "POP3" server?

What is my "SMTP" or Mail server?

What is my News Server?

News Server 1:

News Server 2:

What is my user name, user id, login id, or account name?

Your "user name" is the name you selected when you joined Comcation. It is used to logon to Comcation and/or retrieve E-mail.  It is entered in lower case and can be up to 8 characters long.

What is my E-mail address?

Your E-mail address is your user


What is my IP Address? (dynamic addressing)


What is my Netmask?


What is the Domain Name?

How do I change the area-code in Windows 95/98?

Double-click on 'My Computer' then double-click on the 'Dial-up Networking' folder. There should be an icon in here for ComCation. Double-click on the icon and you should have the 'Connect to...' box pop up. Click on the 'Dial Properties' button, then check the first check-box that says; 'I always have to dial the area code before the phone number.' Then click the OK button and you should see in the phone number box the area-code is now there. You can click Connect or Cancel at this point. The settings are saved.

How do I change the area-code in Windows 3.1?

Double-click on your ComCation icon. Then click on the 'Dial Settings' button. Be sure to have the 'General' tab selected then check the very last check-box that says 'Dial as long distance call'. Click OK then Close, and you will be prompted to save your changed, be sure to answer 'Yes' to this.

How do I change the area-code on my MAC (using PPP)?

Click on the Apple in the upper-left corner, then choose Control Panels, then choose PPP. You can manually enter 1 and the area code before the number that is there now. When you are done this, click the square in the upper-left corner of this window, then choose 'Save' when prompted if you want to save your changes.

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