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How do I get the "Connect to" window to open when I open the browser?

Click on the Start button, then goto Settings, then to Control Panel.
Double-click on the Internet icon (an Earth with a magnifying glass
over it).

Click on the Connection tab at the top of this window. Make sure
that the box right before "Connect to the Internet as Needed" has a
check in it.

Use the following Dial-Up Networking Connection should have ComCat listed below it. If ComCat is not in there, click the little down arrow and choose ComCat.

How do I change the phone number in Windows 95?

Double-click My Computer, double-click Dial-Up Networking.   This window should contain your dialer icon, right-click the icon and select properties from the menu.  Change the phone number in this window and click OK..

Why does my E-mail get stuck or freeze?

Most email programs cannot handle emails and/or attachments much larger than 500kb. If you regularly transfer large files, we do not recommend sending them via email. Doing so may also cause problems with your friend's email server if they do not accept large email, and the message might get bounced back to you. You could use your personal web space to place your files there for others to download.  See Creating a Homepage for info.

Why does my connection seem slow?

If you are browsing a web page, the speed is limited by the slowest point in the connection between your modem and the site you are accessing. That's usually not Comcation, since we have multiple T1 connections to the Internet. Old phone lines between your modem and our equipment may result in a slower connection, also if the file is routed through a slow point on the Internet (for example, a very busy router), it may take several extra seconds to reach you. During peak usage hours on the Internet, all communications may take longer to reach their destination.

How do I save my pasword in my Dial-Up connection in Windows 95?

Please Note: It is suggested that you back-up all important data before changing any configurations in Windows 95.

To enable the option to have your password saved in your Dial-up connection, go into My Computer, then go into Control Panel. Double click on the Network icon to open the network properties. At the configuration screen, you want to have Client for Microsoft Networks added to the list. To add this, click on the Add button, then select Client and click the Add button. Under the Manufacturers list choose Microsoft, and under the Clients list make sure that Client for Microsoft Networks is selected. Click OK then click OK again and Windows will prompt to reboot. (it may ask for your Windows CD or disks before rebooting) After booting back up, when you connect you should now be able to check the Save Password box on your Dial-up connection screen.

How do I connect to America Online(AOL) through my existing Comcat connection?

You can access America Online without having to dial directly to them. You will need to be connected to Comcat to connect to AOL through a regular internet connection. To do this, at the initial sign-on screen in AOL click on the Setup button. Then click on the Edit Location button, and on the new screen, under the Network section, click the down arrow and choose TCP/IP. Then if you have a active connection to Comcat, you can sign-on to AOL without the need to dial directly to them.

Please note: signing onto AOL this way all of the time may be a consideration for you. If so, you may want to update your billing information through America Online, informing them that you will be accessing their network via TCP/IP. This will result in a less expensive monthly rate for your America Online account.

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