Frequently Asked Questions about FTP setup using Fetch
You will need to configure a new profile for your account.   In the New Connection Window you will see information blocks that you will have to fill in.

Host =

User = your username

password = your password

(leave the rest of the blocks blank)
Now your Fetch is configured for your new account. Click OK.

A screen will appear with the Title Bar stating you are in You will see your username in the pop-up menu, showing that you are in your home directory.

If public_html does not appear in the dialog box, go up to the Menu Bar and choose the Menu Title (directories). From the directories Menu Title choose Create New Directory command. Enter public_html, then press the OK button.

Double click on the public_html file in the dialog box. The pop-up menu will change from your username to public_html (showing that you are in the public_html directory).   You are now ready to upload your files into your public_html directory.

Click on the Put File button and select the file you want to upload.
Then Click Open.

You will then be prompted to save the file on

GIF and JPEG (graphic files) must be in the format: rawdata, which you can select from the pop-up format window. html files need to be in text. which also can be selected from the pop-up menu.

Once the file is ready to be saved, Click on the OK button. This will up-load the file.

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