Frequently Asked Questions about creating your own Website
FAQ - Creating A Personal Homepage
Comcation customers can create their own WWW documents and make them available via their Web Site.

Web documents are written in a special format known as HTML (HyperText Markup Language). One of the easiest ways to learn HTML is to look at some examples. If your browser supports view source, you can use this option to look at the source code of already published HTML documents on the Web. (Refer to your browser documentation on Viewing Source).

Below is an outline of steps required to publish a Homepage.

1.  Create a file "index.html" using an HTML editor

2.  Login into the Comcation network and using FTP or Fetch do the following:

a.  Connect to the host using your "username" and "password".

b.  If it does not already exist, create a special subdirectory "public_html" in your home directory "/usr/home/your_username".

c.  Change directory to the special subdirectory in your home directory "/usr/home/your_username/public_html".

d.  Upload your "index.html" page into your "public_html" directory. (Make sure you are uploading in text or ASCII format, not binary).

If you used Windows to create your Web page, you’ll want to "rename" the file so that the file name will have the "html" extension.

For testing, you can reference your document as:

For example, the path for the home page belonging to the user "abc" would be "".

You can change your home page at any time simply by editing the "index.html" file. As you become familiar with HTML, you will learn how to reference other documents and services from your home page. 

If you need assistance creating your homepage, support is available by e-mail only at

SALES AND SUPPORT: (215) 489-8875; FAX: (215) 489-8867;


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