Frequently Asked Questions about Newsgroups
FAQ - News Clients
Internet Explorer 3.x

Windows 3.x
Open Internet Explorer. Click on View at the top of the window, then Options. Click the Programs tab and click the News button. Make sure that box, use Internet Explorer to read Internet Newsgroups, is checked and enter Comcations
News Server Address, your name, and your email address. Click OK.

Windows 95
Open your Internet News Reader program. Click on News at the top of the windows, then Options. Click the Server tab. Fill in important information like your name, organization name, and return
email address. Click on the Add button below to add a news server. Enter the News Server Address Make sure that the check box for "Server requires logon" is unchecked. Click the Connection tab and select "I use a modem" then select your ComCAT connection in the connection box. Click on OK and then click Yes to subscribe to the news groups. This will download the entire list of news groups.

Netscape 3.x

Open Netscape Navigator. Click on Options at the top of the window, then choose Mail and News Preferences. Select the Servers tab and enter Comcation's News Server Address in the News section.

To read your news, click Windows at the top of the Netscape window, then choose Netscape News.

Outlook Express

Open Outlook and click Tools and the top of the program, then Accounts. Click on the News Tab and select Add, then News. The following screens will ask a few questions about yourself and the news server. At the first screen, enter your name as you would like it to appear when you post news messages. Click Next. Enter your email address, then click next. Enter as your News (NNTP) Server. The "requires log on" check box should be unchecked. Click Next. The name for the Internet news account can be anything you want, for example Comcat Internet News. Click Next. If you are connected to the Internet via a LAN then select "connect using LAN network", if you are a modem user then choose "connect using my phone line". Click Next, then click Finish. Your news settings are now complete.

Netscape Communicator

Open Netscape Communicator. Click Edit at the top of the window, then choose Preferences. This should bring up a window with a list along the left side. Ensure the symbol next to Mail & Groups is a (-), if it is not double click Mail & Groups. First select identity from the left, and enter the following information on the right. Your name and email address. The reply-to-address is only needed if different from your email address. Select Groups Server from the left, and enter the dicussion group news server on the right. Click OK.

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