Frequently Asked Questions about Windows NT 4.0
FAQ - Configuring Windows NT 4.x
Double-click My Computer
Double-click Dial-up Networking
Click New
Give it a name, ie. Comcation or ComCAT
Leave the little check box blank and click Next
Check I am calling the Internet and click Next
Enter a local access number
Click Finish

Now you're back to the Dial-up networking box,
Click More
Choose the first option "Edit entry and modem properties"
Entry name should be whatever you Comcation or ComCAT
Phone number should be the local access number you entered in the above step
Dial using...your modem
Click Configure
Initial speed (bps):57600 will work for most non-isdn modems
You can experiment with the following settings:
Enable hardware flow control ... start with this checked
Enable modem error control ..... start with this checked
Enable modem compression ......start with this checked
Disable modem speaker ........... start with this checked

Click the Server tab
Dial-up server type is PPP, Windows NT, Windows 95 Plus, Internet
Check TCP/IP
Check Enable software compression
Check PPP LCP extensions
Click TCP/IP Settings

Check Server assigned IP address
Check Specify name server addresses
Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:
Primary and Secondary WINS are to be
Check Use IP header compression
Check Use default gateway on remote network
Click OK
Click on the Script tab
Select Pop up a terminal window
Click OK
Click the Security tab
Select Accept any authentication including clear text
Click OK

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