About File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
About FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
The term ftp is the abbreviation used for the file transfer protocol and the File Transfer Programs that use the protocol. It simply means sending a file (not a message) from one computer to another. If you want to send a file from your computer to another computer, you use the ftp program in upload or put mode. More frequently, people use the download or get mode, for example, to retrieve public domain computer programs. To use FTP to move files to a remote computer you need access to an account (Login ID and password) for that remote computer. There are many special sites throughout the Internet that have set up a special account for you to use for ftp. It is called anonymous ftp. To use it, you select the Login ID anonymous or ftp and use your email address as a password. The FAQ on Anonymous ftp can be found via anonymous ftp itself to rtfm.mit.edu; select directories "pub", and then either "usenet-by-group" or "usenet-by-hierarchy". Continue selecting until you reach the FAQ in which you are interested. This FAQ is also regularly posted to news.newusers.questions and several *.answers newsgroups.

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