About Usenet Newsgroups
About Usenet Newsgroups
USENET news or Netnews or news are all words for the same concept: the broadcast of "posted" messages to a newsgroup. USENET is a series of mutual agreements between connected host computers. A network agrees to accept news in certain groups and to feed postings to certain groups. A network need not accept all possible newsgroups. This is particularly important for communities that include people such as young students for whom some of the material in newsgroups is not appropriate. There are over 30,000 newsgroups at this writing in the fall of 1998. New ones are added each day. The groups are arranged in hierarchies and subhierarchies roughly according to subject. The groups reflect the diversity of the Internet community with discussions in rec.arts.sf.written.robert-jordan with the fans of Robert Jordan, a writer of speculative fiction or sci-fi; with the fans of the game of soccer in rec.sport.soccer, or a discussion of a particular technical point in compilers or networking protocols.

A specialized kind of netnews is the commercial service of ClariNet. This subscription service broadcasts news from United Press International (UPI) to its subscribers. As a service to its host dial-up users, Comcation soon plans to subscribe to the ClariNet newsgroups

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