Sites to Visit
Interesting WWW Sites to visit

Visit the first family in Washington at and see messages from the president and vice president; learn about the executive branch, the first family, tours, what's new, and publications. You can even leave your comments and sign the guest book. Explore Washington without leaving your armchair with some of the online maps of the city.

Adam Curry, who used to have an MTV Internet service, has started web pages. Load this page, and choose the vibe icon to see about the latest music and entertainment industry news.

For United States taxation information, try The Library of Congress has information about its collections and exhibits, lists of Senators and representatives with their addresses, and much more at

Look at to display some beautiful Louvre pictures. At the bottom of the "Biographical details" section, there is a cartoon quite relevant to Internet users. For before and after the astronautical-house-call pictures from the Hubble Space Telescope, try

Summaries of articles in the most recent "The Chronicle of Higher Education" can be found at, "Academe This Week".

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