About Telnet
About Telnet
People who are in one location frequently want to use a computer in another location. Perhaps they are on a business trip and want to read their email. Perhaps they want to access data on the computer in another branch or in the main office. Perhaps they want to look at a library catalog to see if a certain book has been published. Perhaps they want to use one of the services of the Information Providers such as Dialog or Mead Data Central.

You may enter (into the Site dialog box) the Internet address of the remote computer to which you want to connect. Telnet usually uses TCP/IP Port 23. Comcation negotiates a connection with the remote computer, and the remote host computer sends out its login message sequence. The login sequence of the remote computer may contain instructions about how to log out. If you are not familiar with the sequence, you should note it somewhere that you can find when you need it. The most common trouble that people have with connections to remote computers is closing the connection. You are interacting with the remote host computer from the time you see the login message on your computer display. Your computer acts as a terminal; in Comcation, your computer emulates a vt100 terminal. The displays you see are written by the remote host computer. Your session lasts until you log out of the remote host using the appropriate logout sequence.

Interesting Telnet Sites

These sites offer products, services, and/or discussions. When you telnet to these sites, use the login name specified for the service. Be prepared to register your name, address, and perhaps email address on entry to these services.

•Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois offers an educational service called Newton. To reach it, telnet to newton.dep.anl.gov and log in as bbs. •There is a backgammon server at ouzo.rog.rwth-aachen.de on port 8765 •Telnet to books.com to find a bulletin board system (bbs) that is a bookstore. •Telnet to career.com to find a bulletin board system with a career service. •Telnet to classroom-earth.ciesin.org on port 2010 to find the Global change education bulletin board. •The Internet chess server is located at ics.onenet.net on port 5000.

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