About the World Wide Web
About the WWW
WWW is the abbreviation for the World Wide Web, an Internet navigation tool that helps you to find and retrieve information using links to other WWW pages. Web (or W3) links are stored within the page itself, and when you wish to jump to the page that is linked, you click on the hotspot. This technique is sometimes called hypermedia or hypertext. The WWW protocol permits WWW browsers on the Internet to display pages from the many web servers. Each time you choose another link, WWW connects to a server, retrieves the next page wanted, and returns control to the local client. WWW is a resource-efficient method of finding and using information widely dispersed throughout the world. Web pages are truly multimedia: they may contain text, graphic images, moving pictures, sound files, etc. Not all web browsers can handle all the media. Even if the client can process the information, your particular configuration may not be able to display it. Fortunately, the designers of the browsers know this and make allowances for differing configurations. If a page contains something that the client can not process, it will not attempt to display it. Well-known web browsers are Netscape and Internet Explorer

World Wide Web was originally developed at CERN, the high energy physics research center in Switzerland. The web interface is designed so that you can choose to follow a web filament around the web as far as you like by selecting a spot on the "page" displayed on your computer display. The locus of the WWW system is the "home page". This is the place from which the server to which you are connected starts. The "homepage" for WWW is the homepage at CERN. Giving Web page citations, called URLs, lets you indicate the filament you wish to follow, or you may jump directly to particular points on the web.

For more information about the web, click on "World Wide Web" from the Comcation homepage or click on "Internet Points of Interest" for suggested points to visit.

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